Monkey is created on the island. His Island.

From horizon to horizon the Monkey sees nothing but the oceans of water below and stars above. He is alone in his universe. The Monkey is given no how, no why, for the Island provides all that Monkey needs and Monkey does not need questions. There is shelter for the storm, fire for the cold, water for the thirst, and food for the hunger.

In the center of Island grows a tree that reaches across the oceans of water and stars to the heavens beyond. The Monkey at first fears the Tree for it defies Island and ventures to the unknown, but the Monkey grows restless of Island. He yearns to climb higher and see farther.

One day the Monkey binds his fear and climbs the Tree. The air is different; refreshing, invigorating. The Monkey peers out beyond the beyond, to ocean unseen by Monkey’s childish eyes. But there is only ocean. For what did the Monkey expect, he has only ever known ocean… ocean and Island. For there would be no other island but Island, as it alone provides all that Monkey needs. Monkey knows that he is special for he alone was given all that he needs in this endless ocean.

Every year Island provides Monkey food and warmth and shelter, and every year the Monkey climbs the Tree and goes higher and sees farther. Every year there is just ocean. Why would there be anything but ocean. The Monkey is not greedy, he does not ask for more than Island, for he needs no more than Island. But every year the Monkey climbs higher and breathes unfamiliar air and sees unseen ocean. The Monkey yearns for unseen ocean, for as far as Monkey can see is his universe and Monkey yearns to know all that is his.

But one year unseen ocean is different. It no longer lays flat, or endless, for the horizon is rough with peaks and walls. Monkey climbs to the very tip of the Tree, the limit of his existence. For Monkey yearns beyond yearning to see clearly these distant behemoths that defy unseen ocean. When Monkey climbs down he is no longer satisfied with just Island. He has seen beyond Island, beyond even ocean. He has seen beyond the limit of his universe. But just as Monkey is unsatisfied with Island, Island is unsatisfied with Monkey. For Island no longer provides food to fully quench hunger, or warmth to fully quell cold.

Monkey continues to climb, continues to see more of those behemoths that dare limit endless ocean. These behemoths are no longer distant shapes blurred from ocean, but reveal themselves thus, as islands, different in shape, but undeniably the same in nature as Island. How could this be? For there must be no island but Island, for it belongs to Monkey and Monkey to it. But in every direction Monkey sees islands, defying Island.

Monkey does not know how islands could exist beyond Island, but he knows Island is special, for it alone contains Monkey, provides for Monkey, and thus it alone was created for Monkey and Monkey for it. But this year is unlike every year before, for this year Island does not provide for Monkey, for he grows hungry beyond Island’s limit. How could this be? Monkey has always existed on Island, only existed on Island, and Island only exists for Monkey. Why would Monkey’s Island curse him such?

Then Monkey knows. Monkey has questioned Island. Monkey has yearned to look beyond Island, yearned to go beyond Island, and Island has punished Monkey, rightfully punished Monkey. For Island is special and Monkey is special for he alone exists on Island. Island has always provided and will always provide for Monkey. Island is Monkey’s and Monkey belongs on Island.

Monkey forsakes the Tree for it has tempted Monkey with sights beyond Island. The Monkey’s universe consists solely of what Island allows him to see, endless ocean from horizon to horizon. But Island continues to forsake insolent Monkey. He climbed for many years and thus Island must punish Monkey for many years. Monkey accepts his punishment for he understands his violation, but the years wear on Monkey. His stomach growls with hunger and languishes against thirst, he is battered by the storm and shivers against the cold. Thus Monkey endures, existing solely for the sake of Island’s punishment.

Many years past and yet Island still forsakes Monkey. Every year Island gives less and Monkey exists less. But the Tree grows on, its branches spreading far and wide. As Monkey prepares for what he knows shall be his final sleep in his final year, he looks upon the Tree, its endless limits stretching beyond Monkey’s confinement, and Monkey asks why has Island forsaken him for so long for so little. Was Monkey’s insolence for seeing beyond Island so great that Island must condemn Monkey’s existence and thus its own? Surely forsaken Monkey cannot survive on Island and Island will not survive without Monkey as they belong to one another, were created for one another, inseparable in existence. But then Monkey asks, if islands exist beyond Island, could monkeys exist beyond Monkey? Is Monkey perhaps not special? And for the first time in countless years, Monkey thinks of climbing. By now the Tree must have grown to such extent that Monkey could peer into the inner most depths of those islands that deny Island’s solitary existence. And thus Monkey climbs.

The Monkey has grown weak detached from the Tree in his forsaken years, and the Tree has grown tall in defiance of the Monkey’s limitations. When the Monkey has climbed as high as his weak body will take him he ventures out onto one of the countless branches stretching across finite ocean. When life refuses to take Monkey any further he lays upon the branch staring down, unable to discern Island from the countless islands below. And the islands stare back as countless monkeys look upon the  forsaken Monkey, the dying Monkey, accepting his last moments of existence.

The dying Monkey slips from the surly bounds of the Tree hoping that the Island, his Island, will save him from the depths of the ocean. But why should the island save the ignorant Monkey, for the island had tried for so long to tell the ignorant Monkey to venture beyond its limited horizon and the ignorant Monkey stubbornly refused. For the Monkey believed that he was special and that the islands belong only to him.