The Special Package

Yashara & Saylor - Engagement

Full-day/partial-day/whatever you want coverage begins at $0.99

It all starts with…

  • Full day coverage up to unlimited-hours; from ungodly early in the morning to well after ‘I can’t see where I’m walking.’

  • Limited to an unlimited number of photos… or videos… or edits of the photos… or reedits of the edits of the photos.

  • A personal interpretive dance performance of your photos. Or I could just give them to you on a USB stick.

  • Rights to print, share, burn, shred, blowup, or create life-size cardboard cutouts, and to the moon.


  • Cake

  • A Pony

  • A T-Rex… eating A Pony

My approach…

So you want some photos. Or maybe you don’t. Either way… you’re getting photos. Oh, and maybe some video. Let’s call it photos and video. But your thinking ‘what is this? and why is Jeff Goldblum shirtless in the back of a Jeep?’

Bang! You’re booking your photo session, no wait, your wedding session, no wait again, you’re ordering a pizza from Dominos.

Boom, you’re on a beach. You’re on a horse on a beach. Wait, that horse is a T-Rex, and the beach is a city you are crushing. And the T-Rex breaths fire… It’s a fire-breathing pink polka dot T-Rex. The sun is setting. It’s beautiful. There are pictures. They are beautiful too.

You’re eating cake. I’ll see you Sunday.


This package is only available to Yasharas. Don’y worry, we’ll find you. Or you’ll find me. I haven’t thought this through. On second thought, send me a telegram… from the future.